How to Give

Contact the Rhode Island College Foundation

Rhode Island College Foundation
600 Mount Pleasant Ave
Providence, Rhode Island 02908

Online Gifts

Make a gift today online! You can use your VISA or MasterCard to make your gift to Rhode Island College safely and securely online. Click the Give Now icon.

Cash or Checks

Donations of cash are the simplest and most direct way to give to Rhode Island College and are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Donations in the form of a check should be made payable to the RIC Foundation and mail to:

Rhode Island College Foundation
Kauffman Center
600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI 02908-1991

Faculty and Staff Giving

Rhode Island College Payroll Deduction Form

Employees of Rhode Island College can choose to have their donation made directly to the college through the RIC Foundation Payroll Deduction Program. We value employee donations as a meaningful reinforcement of the great work being done here at RIC. To sign up through the Rhode Island College Annual Fund simply fill out the online form and hit submit. Alternatively, you can direct your gift to another area by downloading the Payroll Deduction form and returning it to the Rhode Island College Foundation.

State Employees Charitable Appeal (SECA)

Donating through SECA allows state employees to give to a specific department/program or to unrestricted funds. Your contributions are deducted from your pay as you indicate. The agency number is RIC Foundation #4984.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Gifts of stocks and bonds that have increased in value (and which you have owned for more than a year) provide greater tax benefits than cash gifts and the benefits are two-fold. Your charitable deduction is based on the securities’ full fair market value on the day the gift is made, not your original cost. In addition, you completely avoid all capital gains tax on any appreciation. To request instructions on transferring a gift of securities, please call the office at (401) 456-8460.

Gifts of Real Estate

Real estate can be used to make a meaningful gift to the College and still provide lifetime benefits to the donor. Many people own real estate that has increased in value several times over the original purchase price. This gain, when realized in a sale, is taxed by the federal government and in some states by the state tax. If the real estate is not used as a primary residence, it does not qualify for the one-time exemption from capital gains tax for owners over the age of 55.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match employees’ charitable gifts, sometimes doubling or tripling the donation. Some companies also match gifts from employee spouses and retirees. Please contact the appropriate office in your company. Fill out and return the matching gift form to:

Rhode Island College Foundation
Kauffman Center
600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI 02908-1991

Memorial or Tribute Gifts

Your gift can be given “in memory of” or “in honor of” a student, graduate, teacher, relative or friend. This type of contribution is a thoughtful way to recognize or remember an individual’s life and accomplishments.

Monthly Giving

Transform your one-time gift into an ongoing commitment to high-quality education. We will automatically bill your credit or debit card each month. It’s a budget-friendly way to make your gift to Rhode Island College go further, faster. Click to get started.

Planned Giving

Rhode Island College’s planned giving program is conducted in a confidential manner to assist alumni and friends of the College who want to make gifts of cash, securities, insurance, real estate, or by bequest, life income or a retirement plan. A variety of planned giving instruments provide donors with income for life while delivering significant tax advantages, too. Planned gifts are typically made in support of specific purposes, especially in the area of student and faculty support. They are also used to establish endowments for contributions in perpetuity.

Reunion Giving

Reunions encourage us to pause and reflect on the many formative experiences made possible by RIC. Those years instilled in us core values that have guided our lives ever since. We continue to offer students a learning community that challenges and inspires, and our gifts to the college strengthen this community. Click to learn more.