Stella Joy Bunnell Endowed Scholarship

The Stella Joy Bunnell Scholarship was established by Brian Krueger, Stella’s grandfather in Stella’s memory.

Stella was born 3 months premature on April 24, 2019 and lived for 50 days, passing on June 13, 2019. Stella was born and cared for at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence. Brian’s daughter and Stella’s mother, Bethany Bunnell and her husband Quentin, spent countless hours each day at the hospital while Stella was a patient there.

During that time Bethany befriended several of the nurses and was greatly appreciative of the care and compassion that they showed. Those nurses were graduates of RIC’s nursing program. Brian and his wife, Debbie reside just outside Houston, TX. On their visits to the hospital during Stella’s stay they were also impressed by the quality of care and individual attention given by the nurses. They made a difficult situation easier to cope with. This fund will be used to generate scholarships to support nursing students at Rhode Island College.