RIC Cares

We are proud to announce RIC Cares – an initiative celebrating and supporting members of the greater Rhode Island College community during these unprecedented times.

In only six weeks our college, state and nation have been changed for the foreseeable future. As the world continues to explore avenues to flatten the curve of COVID-19, selfless acts of courage and kindness have provided hope. Here throughout our region, countless RIC alumni, students, faculty and staff have undertaken incredible feats for the well-being of others. Our alumni care. Our students care. Our faculty and staff care. Rhode Island College cares.

In honor of our frontline heroes, college and students in need, over the coming days and weeks we invite you to show how you care. Share a story of hope – involving you and/or someone you know. Visit the RIC Alumni Association’s event page for opportunities to get engaged. Provide a message of well wishes to college senior’s whose commencement ceremony was delayed due to the pandemic.

Many alumni and friends of Rhode Island College have donated over the past few weeks. For your generosity and support – we thank you.