Gervais Family Memorial Scholarship

An opportunity to honor the Gervais Family

This scholarship is to honor the memories of three remarkable women in the Gervais family, Rose Alba (Beaucage) Gervais, Germaine (Gervais) Godfrin and Doris (Gervais) Larue. Although Rose, Germaine, and Doris did not have the chance to attend college, their sacrifices allowed their children to surpass their parents.

Rose moved to the United States from Canada at the beginning of the century. She married, and had five children while working in the mills of Woonsocket during the depression era. Her two daughters, Germaine and Doris both first generation born Americans also raised their families while working in the mills of Woonsocket. All three were exceptionally strong, hard-working, unselfish, caring women who appreciated all of the blessings in their lives. They were always available to offer direction and comfort to all in need. In terms of money, they did not have much, however what they had was far more valuable. Their determination and devotion aided in instilling strong values in all members of their family. What they exemplified most in life was the love of family, and every family member was welcome at the table no matter the circumstances. This attribute has been passed down to their children and grandchildren.

Although the loss of these women has left a large void within their family, it is hoped that this scholarship will enable others the opportunity for success in their memory.