Silent Auction

Artist: Anthony Tomaselli ’76
Title: Early Spring Light
Market Value: $5,000
Purchase Price: $5,000

Oil on canvas 24×30

Born in 1955 in Rhode Island to an Italian-American family, Anthony Tomaselli has had a passion for the visual arts from a young age. As a student at Rhode Island College, Tomaselli worked under dedicated, thoughtful, and passionate educators who left an enduring mark on his work. It was at RIC that Tomaselli further developed his painting practice, which were provocative and political during a time of great unrest in the United States. This work would later give way to paintings that explore the play of light over his native New England with a sense of reverence and spirituality. Tomaselli has a degree in Art, concentration in painting, and studied for two years at the Boston Architectural Center.


Artist: Juan Barboza-Gubo, Associate Professor
Title: Flux VI, Pink Narcissus Series
Market Value: $4,000
Starting Bid: $2,000
Bidding Increments: $100

Stoneware 19x15x10

Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo (Peru, 1976) received his Bachelors Degree at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. He has received two MFA degrees, one in Painting and one in Sculpture, both from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (graduating with a nomination for the Joan Mitchell Award in 2008). He has had numerous exhibitions in major Museums and galleries in US, Tokyo, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Athens, India, and Italy. Recent awards of note include first prizes in the 2008 Ceramic Biennial of the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and the 78th Regional Exhibition at the Fitchburg Museum in 2014.


Artist: Stephen Fisher, Professor
Title: Flying Mountain 1
Market Value: $600
Starting Bid: $200
Bidding Increments: $50

Intaglio Type: 25×25 Framed Photo intaglio made from a hand drawn positive on grained glass; based on a spot in Acadia National Park, Maine.

Professor of art: Drawing and Printmaking, at RIC since 1990, visit


Artist: Don Smith ’66, Professor Emeritus
Title: Bar #2
Market Value: $1,800
Starting Bid: $600
Bidding Increments: $100

Oil on canvas 16×36
Professor emeritus of art at Rhode Island College.



Artist: Jerry Aissis ’69
Title: Autumn Glory
Market Value: $400
Starting Bid: $150
Bidding Increments: $25

Water color painting of Lincoln woods in the fall. 24×24

Graduated from RIC in 1969 with a major in biology and a minor in art. Taught in Central Falls for 33 years. Now retired, he teaches watercolor classes in several locations throughout RI.



Artist: Michael Manni ’74
Title: Pepper Biscuits and “May I help You?”
Market Value: $500
Starting Bid: $175
Bidding Increments: $25

9×12 and 11×14 Oil Canvases



Artist: Craig Bachman, Associate Professor
Title: Lidded Jar
Market Value: $350
Starting Bid: $100
Bidding Increments: $25

Stoneware 12x12x24
Background in Stoneware
Adjunct Professor at Rhode Island College. Owner of Cedar Street Studio. MFA in Ceramics.



Artist: Sherly Torres, Art Studio Major
Title: The Thinker ♂ & The Thinker ♀
Market Value: $175
Starting Bid: $65
Bidding Increments: $10

Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic on canvas paper 11×14

Born in Puerto Rico, raised on the island then moved to RI. Educated by New Urban Arts, Central High School, SMFA Pre-college and RIC’s BFA program. Art club treasurer since 2015.


Artist: Kathy Sasso ’69
Title: College Collage
Market Value: $60
Starting Bid: $20
Bidding Increments: $10

Murano glass, art glass, mixed beads and wire.

Designing and creating art jewelry for three decades. Most recently her work focuses on wearable art collages.