Financial Information and Donor Resources

As a 501(c)3 public charity, the Rhode Island College Foundation is committed to ensuring your philanthropic investment has the greatest possible impact on our students, faculty, staff and the greater RIC community. Below you can access the foundation’s most recent financial information.


Fiscal Year 2019-20 Annual Report

2020 Audit Statements





Fiscal Year 2018-19 Annual Report

2019 Form 990

2019 Audit Statement




Fiscal Year 2017-18 Annual Report

2018 Form 990

2018 Audit Statement




Fiscal Year 2016-17 Addendum

2017 Form 990

2017 Audit Statement




Fiscal Year 2015-16 Addendum

2016 Form 990

2016 Audit Statement




Fiscal Year 2014-15 Addendum

2015 Form 990

2015 Audit Statement




Fiscal Year 2013-14 Addendum

2014 Form 990

2014 Audit Statement



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